July 24 is a BIG Day for FreakShow Deluxe

So today, July 24, 2011, is a big day for FreakShow Deluxe.

Of course, just about EVERY day is a big day for FreakShow Deluxe – so why should this be any different? Well…

Today, once again, MULTIPLE FreakShow Deluxe troupes are out on the road and simultaneously performing. A troupe featuring the great Vincent Wolf, the sly Jonny Panic, master of the macabre William Draven and the one & only Zachary Strange is appearing at our sponsor, Lucky 13 Apparel‘s 20th anniversary celebration, THE TIKI HIGHWAY! Come to Don the Beach Combers in Huntington Beach to see car shows, live tiki carvings, Tiki Farm’s special room, burlesque performers, live music AND your FreakShow Deluxe, plus a lot more — and get a “free” 13 tattoo! How awesome is THAT?!

Did we also mention it is ABSOLUTELY FREE?!!!!!!!

Also – Lucky 13 has looked through our images and chosen something special to make a limited edition Lucky 13 FreakShow Deluxe t-shirt!! Men’s AND Women’s styles available! All kinds of sizes! COME GET ONE!

The whole thing starts at 12 noon, and goes until 7pm. Tell your friends —  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tiki-Highway/174452062602742?sk=wall

Then also, today, come to the KANSAS CITY FRINGE FESTIVAL in Kansas City, MO to check out Brother Daniel the Demented, Justin Tune, the Green Monster AND your Reverend Tommy Gunn in a matinee performance at the Gem Theatre at 2:00 pm. They only have one more show after this – and that is Thursday at 6:30pm.

The shows have been VERY well received – so if you are in the area, you need to come and check it out. Tickets are ONLY $5


The Halloween Season is coming, folks — and there is a LOT more coming. So stay tuned!


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