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In 2020 It Will Be 20 Years

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Weirdos Freaks Wackos and Creeps Anti-Social Club!

You heard it here first, folks!

In the year 2020, it will be 20 years of your FreakShow Deluxe!!

From the 2001 premiere (inauspicious in every way) with two guys and a handful of stunts entertaining crowds waiting to get into the PsychoPath Haunted Trail at the Caesar’s Ford Amphitheater Park just outside Xenia, Ohio – we did not even have a name for it, then – to now. 20 years. A Platinum Anniversary!

Obviously – there are gifts to get, plans to make, speeches being worked on right now…

So much to do and it seems like so little time – though there is time, and we are allowing ourselves to take it.

The current plan (such as it is), is to spend the year celebrating. Technically, though, we do not turn 20 until October of 2020 – however, we do not see ANY reason not to celebrate the whole year celebrating. We are working on booking extensive tour dates now, talking about relaunching our musical, Flawedville, a FreakShow Family Show tour, plus some other fun stuff! AND, of course, special anniversary merchandise as well!!!


Get ready for the 20th Anniversary of the Gathering of the Juggalos!

While all that is going on, we have what we are already scheduled to do. Your FreakShow Deluxe is gathering a special group to head to the 20th Anniversary of the Gathering of the Juggalos!!! At a new place, with some new performers, AND we are actually going to be opening for Insane Clown Posse‘s special event on Saturday, before the concert!!

Add that to our scheduled return to the Delta Fair & Music Festival in Memphis, TN this summer, several amusement parks scheduled for Halloween, a few other shows cocked locked & ready to rock, AND continued performances at Beetle House LA with an amazing array of characters and performers – AND the upcoming Hollywood Burlesque Festival!!! OH MY!!!

Do not miss a moment of what is coming in 2019 & 2020!


Come to Beetle House LA!



Invention of a New Show

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Check out the poster for the upcoming FreakShow Family Show! at Therapy Cafe in Dayton, OH. Poster design by Scott Gardner; photos by Dark Mannequin Designs.

When the word got out at Grennan the Green Monster & La Pequeña Arañita were scheduled to appear on NBC’s Little Big Shots hosted by Steve Harvey (which filmed over the summer, then first aired on April 9, 2017 – you can watch in on NBC here: their segment begins at about 26 minutes in), the question we keep getting is

“Where can I see the show LIVE?!”

Fair enough! We have arranged ONE (1) exclusive show in southwestern Ohio (where the kids live their civilian lives) at one place: THERAPY Cafe in Dayton, Ohio. This is the place where we hosted a viewing party, AND have experimented with a couple of shows including Ilumen-Naughty & at least one showing of Cap’n Johnny’s Whiz Bang. Tickets can & should be purchased early on either Brown Paper Tickets or Eventbrite.

Are there details? SURE there are! Check the event out here:

The next question is probably, “Is this a new show?”


Steve Harvey talks with Charlotte & Grennan on NBC’s LITTLE BIG SHOTS (photo courtesy NBC).

Well – mostly. As Grennan & Charlotte continue to grow as performers and forces to be reckoned with, it definitley brings some changes to what your FreakShow Deluxe is doing. The two of them are constantly adding new acts to their repertoires – Grennan even premiered a new act at this year’s Southern Sideshow Hootenanny! So it is never the same show.

Additionally, your FreakShow Deluxe has been working on this show for a time – finding the best way to present your FreakShow Family in the most entertaining way for YOU! So come on out to the show!!

$10 EARLY BIRD TICKETS are only available until April 23, 2017.

$15 GENERAL ADMISSION can only be ordered online until the May 18. These get you in the door – but do not guarantee you a seat. These tickets are $20 AT THE DOOR.

$30 VIP EXPERIENCE is also available. This gets you special reserved seats in the front row, early entry & a special pre-show show (at 7pm), a photo of you with the cast, AND some exclusive FreakShow Deluxe swag. LIMITED NUMBER – DEFINITELY THE BEST VALUE!!


The FreakShow Family (photo by Dark Mannequin Designs)


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So barely a week before the Bike Week in Sturgis is about to begin, Rev. Tommy Gunn‘s phone rang. Michael Ballard, owner of the famous Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis, SD needed FSD to come out and be a part of the show. Could we do it?

The answer, of course, was YES!

So your FSD crew is at the Full Throttle right now – a small camper parked next to our friends from Led Sled Customs (Dayton, OH — happens to have been FSD‘s first sponsor), and the guys from KBER in Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s been a crazy trip (which will have to be recounted), and we are having a lot of fun.

Rev. Tommy Gunn made sure to get an on-air interview with Dayton, OH’s B-Man on WTUE 104.7, who are also there broadcasting — and hung out on the air with KBER (making sure to throw a shout-out to our friends at Utah State University, too!).

While performing on and around the main bar, FSD met and hung out with Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band, who really know how to rock! Unfortunately, the dust is getting to Rev. Peyton’s throat – so they asked FSD to get up on the stage during their break and buy them a little time to recover…

How could we refuse!

So for two nights, FSD has made it’s way over to the front bar’s stage for actual SHOW shows – and then the Big Damn Band asked us to make our way onto the Main Stage to perform with them tonight! How much fun is THAT?!?

Everyone is so great – even the overworked Michael Ballard – but the staff and patrons have been great. We are having a GREAT time! Hope they invite us back next year – with a little more notice we can bring an even MORE amazing show!!

Don’t forget FSD will be at PTs Showclub in East St. Louis August 22 through 27!!

July 24 is a BIG Day for FreakShow Deluxe

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So today, July 24, 2011, is a big day for FreakShow Deluxe.

Of course, just about EVERY day is a big day for FreakShow Deluxe – so why should this be any different? Well…

Today, once again, MULTIPLE FreakShow Deluxe troupes are out on the road and simultaneously performing. A troupe featuring the great Vincent Wolf, the sly Jonny Panic, master of the macabre William Draven and the one & only Zachary Strange is appearing at our sponsor, Lucky 13 Apparel‘s 20th anniversary celebration, THE TIKI HIGHWAY! Come to Don the Beach Combers in Huntington Beach to see car shows, live tiki carvings, Tiki Farm’s special room, burlesque performers, live music AND your FreakShow Deluxe, plus a lot more — and get a “free” 13 tattoo! How awesome is THAT?!

Did we also mention it is ABSOLUTELY FREE?!!!!!!!

Also – Lucky 13 has looked through our images and chosen something special to make a limited edition Lucky 13 FreakShow Deluxe t-shirt!! Men’s AND Women’s styles available! All kinds of sizes! COME GET ONE!

The whole thing starts at 12 noon, and goes until 7pm. Tell your friends —

Then also, today, come to the KANSAS CITY FRINGE FESTIVAL in Kansas City, MO to check out Brother Daniel the Demented, Justin Tune, the Green Monster AND your Reverend Tommy Gunn in a matinee performance at the Gem Theatre at 2:00 pm. They only have one more show after this – and that is Thursday at 6:30pm.

The shows have been VERY well received – so if you are in the area, you need to come and check it out. Tickets are ONLY $5

The Halloween Season is coming, folks — and there is a LOT more coming. So stay tuned!

Why is FreakShow Deluxe at the Dr. Creep Benefit?

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A number have people sent emails [thomas (at) freakshowdeluxe (dot) com] wondering why Hollywood’s own and ONLY carnival-style sideshow is doing a benefit in Dayton, Ohio – and what does it mean “3 of the original 4 members will reunite on stage?” And just who is this Dr. Creep?

Well – if you have not read enough about the history of FreakShow Deluxe, then please do so here:

Hitting the stage at VEX nightclub in Dayton, Ohio will be your Reverend Tommy Gunn, freshly returned from FSD‘s big Hollywood show with We Are The Fallen at the Avalon Theater. Joining him will be Johnny Bailout (who fans may remember as Jonny Grinder back in the old days), who last joined FSD onstage in Memphis, TN for part of the Delta Fair & Music Festival in 2009, AND Phil (who was also called Phildo the Barbarian back in the day), the mysterious & elusive Midwestern Beer Monkey who last appeared together with both the Reverend AND Johnny October 2004.

Some have asked, why isn’t the Wolf, the other original founder of FSD in on this?

It’s because we can’t reach him. That’s the ONLY reason why not. If you know where he is or how to reach him, please help put us in contact with him ASAP! We have been worried about him.

As far as the Dr. Creep connection — Dr. Creep and FreakShow Deluxe have been intertwined since the beginning of the show! From sharing their first stage with him while busking the queue at the Psychopath Haunted Trail in 2001, to bringing him in to host the ‘banned’ FSD Christmas Special on television – to even now, his signature voice provides the voice-over warning at the beginning of nearly every FreakShow Deluxe show! And if it was not for Dr. Creep‘s influence on the young FSD founders, there probably would have NEVER been a FreakShow Deluxe.

How sad would your world be without it?!

So please come out – revel in the reunion and enjoy the show – it’s for a good cause.

All proceeds donated to Creep’s Family & Funeral Expenses
featuring FreakShow Deluxe!
January 28, 2011 – Doors open at 9:00pm
18+ is $5
21+ is $3
101 S. St. Clair St., Dayton, OH 45402

You can also find more details regarding the event HERE:

What happens to scheduled shows sometimes…

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Recently, a fan asked why shows scheduled on the FreakShow Deluxe calendar sometimes just seem to “disappear.” A fair question, especially for FSD fans who are planning to see the show at various locations —

FreakShow Deluxe tries to only list shows that have been confirmed and contracted on our calendar. Occasionally, we list things on the calendar once we have a verbal commitment (which can constitute a binding contract in California, by the way – and we ARE a California company) for reasons which are known only to us and our web guy. It happens. Everything seems fine and great and we are ready to move on a show —

Then, sometimes, things happen. We know. We have been there.

Understand that FreakShow Deluxe, up to this point, has never canceled on a show we have been contracted for. In fact, we have never even canceled out on a show we have simply been scheduled for, either. In fact, the company has gone to extremes to accommodate promoters and venues who want to book the show. Even at times when a lesser company/show would have walked away. But FreakShow Deluxe does not have to.

In most of the Freakshow Deluxe‘s contracts, there is a clause allowing either party to cancel the Agreement up to a period before the beginning of the contracted period. This is to allow for the things that sometimes come up: events get canceled, funding falls through… that kind of thing. Sometimes, however, unscrupulous promoters take advantage of that clause to book us – THAT is what we do not like.

In recent months a couple of promoters have pulled some things that has made FreakShow Deluxe decide to adjust how we promote events we are scheduled for.

There was the promoter who booked us months in advance… MONTHS in advance for his venue during a big event in his city. We put off him having to pay our deposit at his request, but everything seemed on the up and up. We spoke with this promoter on a regular basis, we spoke to people working with the venue regularly about our upcoming performances, and everything seemed fine. We arranged our schedule to accommodate their schedule, and started doing everything we could to make sure the show would be great – and then, suddenly, the promoter canceled us. Apparently, according to his story, the promoter and his partner each booked a different company for the same days & times – and the promoter had to defer to his partner.

Our opinion is that the promoter was probably approached by this other show and — who knows? Maybe they offered a better deal than we did. They had something to offer that we didn’t. Maybe they had some kind of history… *shrug* Whatever the deal, we believe he booked them and then was too afraid to tell us about this screw up until he could not put it off any longer. So here FSD ended up – without a gig and, unfortunately, by the time he told us it was too late for us to secure another venue in time for the event. Not that we didn’t try – and it looks as though we already have a place booked for next year.

In another example, recently FreakShow Deluxe had made a great impression on a record label performing at a big annual festival they have, and then another concert event some months later. So good an impression, that the record label invited FSD to return to the annual festival this year. Like, the president of the company and the label’s biggest artist personally invited them to return. Things seem fine, then, until we actually talk to the promoter. See, it turns out this record label hires a promoter to book their big festival (understandable) – and apparently this promoter was a new guy who hadn’t done the festival the year before. So he doesn’t understand what we do – AND he doesn’t seem to get that we have been invited to return by the people whose festival it is.

SO – phone calls back and forth, contracts are sent off (just as with the other promoter) and, while things are not going as we would like, it is not the worse thing ever and seems to be okay. Okay, that is, until the day I get a hold of the promoter (to ask where the contract is) and he tells me he is canceling us because they are over budget with musical acts for the festival and so are cutting a lot of other things. Now this is only a couple of weeks before the event – so we are pretty angry – but what’s done is done and we are out of luck. So what happened?

People rioted, that’s what happened. FreakShow Deluxe cannot confirm that they threw things at some of the musical performers because we were not there. But we are pretty sure that’s why.

All this canceling and last-minute cancellations really make us mad because of what it takes to put the show together — and by that what we mean is TRAVEL. FreakShow Deluxe is based in Hollywood, CA, so it’s a hassle to travel to some of these locations. Especially by plane. YOU try explaining to TSA why your luggage has only one change of clothes, a chainsaw, straightjacket, 4 samurai swords, a scimitar, three bullwhips, an industrial stapler, hammer, nail, power drill, wheel grinder, crowbar and a bunch of skewers.

Though, to be fair, one time at LAX the TSA agents told Reverend Tommy Gunn that it was NOT the weirdest collection of things they’d ever seen in anyone’s luggage. That kind of creeps us out.

If you want to book FreakShow Deluxe (and we know you do), please work with us as best you can to get dates confirmed, contracts signed and returned promptly and, PLEASE, tell us if anything is going awry! We understand. We have been there ourselves. We will always work with you to make things happen – please show the same courtesy.

Do NOT lead us on while you search for a cheaper alternative, or before you have really figured out your budget. There is no show better than us – so if you go with someone else you will undoubtably be disappointed. And if you have not figured out if you can afford to have a show like ours – just hold off until you are sure you can, okay? We will wait for you.




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So FreakShow Deluxe is on it’s 2010 “I Invented Sideshow” Tour! FSD is being sponsored by Lucky 13 Brand Apparel (check them out on their website at Look for FSD cast to be wearing Lucky 13 fashions both on and off the stage.

Performers kicking off this tour are FSD favorites Reverend Tommy Gunn and Miss Malice Aforethought, plus newer performer Hannah Bel (she’s a man-eater… acquitted!). Joining FSD for the first time though is a true anomaly, a real freak, the Amazing Chris! Chris is a white, American male in his mid-20s with absolutely NO piercings, tattoos or body modifications of any kind – he doesn’t even have a driver’s license!! Creepy, isn’t it?!?

Things kicked off the beginning of April as FreakShow Deluxe at the Down On the Bayou Fair & Music Festival in Gonzales, LA (just outside of Baton Rouge). This fair set attendance records – and so did FSD. During these initial dates at fairs & festivals (where FSD is working with Universal Fairs, LLC), we are sharing performance space with the RHINESTONE ROPER – Dan Mink.

Dan is a phenomenal western arts guy. Rope-spinning, bullwhip cracking, trick shooting and knife throwing with his lovely wife Nawtawni. It’s Cowboys and Indians, all on one stage! This time they are ALL good guys (and girls). And if THAT wasn’t enough – check out their other performers: Handsome Jack and Lucky Joe, two paint horses who can do things that FSD would be lucky if ONE of their freaks could make it happen.

Keep tuned in for stories of FSD‘s adventures during this tour — more to follow soon!