The Green Monster is Famous!

The Green Monster in action!

The Green Monster in Actions!

So soon after FreakShow Deluxe arrived in Kansas City, MO for the KC Fringe Festival, we needed to check into our hotel for the week. Once your Reverend Tommy Gunn had signed the paperwork for the room, the clerk turned the young man next to him and said (no kidding), “Aren’t you the famous Green Monster?!”


Yes, you saw that right. The Green Monster was recognized by the clerk at the hotel. And not just the clerk. Several times as we were moving our gear into the hotel, we were stopped as staff and patrons both wanted to meet our own Green Monster. He is truly famous.

So now we have been in Kansas City, MO several days and it has not stopped here…

Restaurants, stores, Fringe Central and plenty of other places ~ people are thrilled to meet FSD‘s famous Green Monster. He also gets the most applause every show…

Two more chances to see him during the Kansas City Fringe Festival – July 24 at 2pm and July 28 at 6:30pm. The Gem Theatre (1615 E. 18th St, Kansas City, MO). Tickets only $5!


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