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15 Years of FreakShow Deluxe

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It’s been 15 years since FreakShow Deluxe really got started. What a long, strange road it has been!

Since the early days of FSD – just two guys and a handful of stunts, entertaining the queue of a haunted attraction in Ohio – to opening our own venue in Hollywood, expanding our numbers and talent of performers, getting awards & accolades, producing shows all over the country (as well as taking some of our performers worldwide), having multiple shows performing simultaneously in various cities while we are on the road…

Just so much great stuff!

Today is October 30, 2016 – and we have been getting lots of pings from our Facebook’s Timehop all day (as it has ALL month long). Some of those pings from this month include:

  • FSD on the stage of the OC Marketplace’s annual Halloween event (with Reverend Tommy Gunn as the Grand Marshal of the Hearse Procession) in 2011.
  • The time FSD drove INTO a hurricane to perform at an event in Florida!
  • Five years of performing at Hollywood’s Magic Castle’s Halloween Week – the first show of its kind and one of the first non-member/non-magic groups ever to perform there. What an honor! PLUS we got to hang out with Marilyn Manson, Bono, Neil Patrick Harris, The Scorpions, and many more famous folks!
  • Our pictures showing up in the LA Weekly and OC Weekly papers for our shows and events.
  • The Black Hills Tattoo Show – in Deadwood, SD!
  • We’ve been at amusement parks: Carowinds, Kings Dominion, Cedar Fair, Elitch Gardens, Frontier City, plus FSD’s Kitty Karloff was at Knott’s Scary Farm.
  • Getting hired by Maroon 5 to perform two years in a row at their Halloween bash at the Hollywood Forever cemetery!
  • That time we were at the Virginia State Fair

There has just been SO much we have done in the past 15 years! The list above is just a tiny segment of things from this month — it does not include everything…

We have introduced the LA Skeleton Crew, the Voodoo Krewe, and the Coffin Crew. We are co-executive producers of The Southern Sideshow Hootenanny. Our own line of coffee, cigars and, soon, hot sauce (from Hella Hot Hot Sauce). Whew!

All this year, your FSD is going to be doing a LOT of celebrating. Honestly, we have just been SO busy, it’s been hard to add more things. Hope you will come along for the ride!


See, it’s true. Reverend Tommy Gunn was Grand Marshal of the Hearse Procession. There’s just no living with him now – he’s NEVER come down from this high.


Good-bye to a Good Friend of FSD

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Today is a very sad day for not just your FreakShow Deluxe, but for a lot of people.

Our dear friend, Andy Copp, an amazing visionary filmmaker and artist, is gone. He was the one who shot the first FreakShow Deluxe documentary. He also made a couple films that featured members of FreakShow Deluxe in the cast.

Andy was a great guy, too. He and FSD’s founder, Rev. Tommy Gunn, were good friends and shared a friendship with Dr. Creep (without whom there would be no FSD). The two of them were working on a new promo video and a re-issue of the original documentary as well as additional footage of how much the company has changed.

Adios, Andy. Vaya Con Dios. We will always miss you.

Grennan Gets Slimed on Nickelodeon

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Grennan Gets Slimed on Nickelodeon

Grennan the Green Monster gets slimed during his appearance on Nickelodeon’s FIGURE IT OUT, originally broadcast July 11, 2012. Grennan holds the honor of being the ONLY person EVER to run from being slimed! When they caught him, he was practically out of Paramount Studios in Hollywood and heading towards Gower Street — but catch him they did, then the host held him under the slime. Grennan laughed the whole time (along with the studio audience and the show’s crew). Good times!! For more good times, come see Grennan the Green Monster during his appearance at the Delta Fair & Music Festival (Memphis, TN) September 1 & 2 (Photo courtesy of Nickelodeon).

BIG QUESTION: Why No Posts Since Last Year?

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Got the Big Question: Why have there been no posts since last year to this blog?!

A fair question. Sorry. We got caught up!

Your FreakShow Deluxe has been pretty busy. From new shows and events, to returning to the FULL THROTTLE SALOON for another season – and then getting invited to the THROTTLE FEST Kansas City to witness the big wedding of Michael Ballard & his girl, Angie. More TV stuff than just that, too! The Green Monster made his network debut, several other members were on CSI, and we have a new project in the works just about us (very exciting!). Not to mention SO many live shows in so many places, your Reverend Tommy Gunn can’t keep them all straight to get everyone there. So… sorry… It’s just been one bit of mayhem after another.

We have made new friends. Lost some friends. It’s been quite a year — but we agree we were wrong not to stay in touch. We promise to do better!!

Green Monster at the Delta Fair!

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Grennan the Green Monster appeared on Nickelodeon’s hit tv show FIGURE IT OUT (or is it a hit because of him?!), originally broadcast on July 11, 2012. Grennan laid on a bed of nails AND has the honor of being the ONLY person EVER to run from being slimed.

FreakShow Deluxe returns to the Delta Fair & Music Festival in Memphis, TN from August 31 to September 9, 2012!! The troupe will perform three to four shows a day in the Sideshow Tent – alternating with our good friends, The Rhinestone Ropers).


Grennan the Green Monster will appear at shows through the first weekend (Saturday & Sunday) at all shows! This is his first live public performance since his appearance on Nickelodeon’s FIGURE IT OUT.

The Delta Fair & Music Festival features more amazing FREE shows than we have EVER seen at any fair or festival!! Pig racing, Pig Wrastlin’, motorcycle stunt shows, lion & tiger show, western shows, monkeys riding dogs races, PLUS great live concerts (including Marshall Tucker Band AND Flock of Seagulls). And a midway that you have to see to believe!!

Updates to follow!!

The Green Monster is Famous!

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The Green Monster in action!

The Green Monster in Actions!

So soon after FreakShow Deluxe arrived in Kansas City, MO for the KC Fringe Festival, we needed to check into our hotel for the week. Once your Reverend Tommy Gunn had signed the paperwork for the room, the clerk turned the young man next to him and said (no kidding), “Aren’t you the famous Green Monster?!”


Yes, you saw that right. The Green Monster was recognized by the clerk at the hotel. And not just the clerk. Several times as we were moving our gear into the hotel, we were stopped as staff and patrons both wanted to meet our own Green Monster. He is truly famous.

So now we have been in Kansas City, MO several days and it has not stopped here…

Restaurants, stores, Fringe Central and plenty of other places ~ people are thrilled to meet FSD‘s famous Green Monster. He also gets the most applause every show…

Two more chances to see him during the Kansas City Fringe Festival – July 24 at 2pm and July 28 at 6:30pm. The Gem Theatre (1615 E. 18th St, Kansas City, MO). Tickets only $5!

FreakShow Deluxe Nominated at 2011 Hollywood Fringe

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(left to right) Zachary Strange, Jonny Panic, Eerie De Scent, the Professor, Brother Daniel the Demented, William Draven, Amy Amnesia, Vincent Wolf, Kasey Rose and guitarist Justin Tune.

FreakShow Deluxe – Hollywood’s own & ONLY carnival-style sideshow – wrapped up six (6) amazing performances of its new show HARD WAY TO MAKE AN EASY LIVING at the Hollywood Fringe Festival this last weekend. FSD welcomed in contortionist Kasey Rose and Br. Daniel worked with a great guitarist: Rudy Tootenkamen to make the show rock!

The show was featured on theater review website Bitter Lemons in the article Top Ten Fringe Faves So Far here:

Then it was nominated for the BEST CABARET & VARIETY SHOW! As FSD was thrilled last year being nominated (and with winning Best Cabaret/Circus), we were thrilled this year, too!

FreakShow Deluxe was featured in a photo montage from the LA Times here:

And our buddy, Chris got some great photos for you to see here:

Thank you, Hollywood Fringe Festival and all the great people there for letting us be a part of SUCH a great show!

Next, we are off to tour around a bit before getting to the Kansas City Fringe Festival and, fingers crossed, returning to the New Orleans Fringe Festival. See you on the road!!

Review of FreakShow Deluxe at the HOLLYWOOD FRINGE FESTIVAL

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You can find the review on this page:

But here it is for your perusal:

FreakShow Deluxe at Fringe Central-Mainstage-ArtWorks Theatre

by Erin Scott ~

It's Jonny Panic!

Jonny Panic from FreakShow Deluxe

Everything FreakShow Deluxe does is “Real—Real stupid” and so opens this modern carnival sideshow with Amy Amnesia performing the human wood block. This act consists of using a nail and hammer, building on this premise, she goes on to shove a screw driver up the other nostril. So the audience would see “new” freak show tricks as well as old school, Amy Amnesia pulled out a power drill and threw that back a nostril as well. This reminded me of the time I stapled my finger with an airgun and had 100 pounds per square inch behind it. There was a quarter inch piece of wood in between my finger and the staple but it made me want to never have that happen again, where as many of these performers may have had something like that happen and they continue to perform feats of danger, pain, and mystery.

Be ready for sword swallowing, contortion, fan dancing and strip tease. There was a straightjacket contest between Ghoulia and Jonny Panic and the duo returned to display feats of pain and pleasure with a bed of nails.

Most enjoyable was William Draven’s act of swallowing and procuring dental floss. Although a small audience, where audience participation is key, the ladies chosen to come out of the audience represented the gamut of thrill seekers. With Draven’s act he chose a young girl thinking she was off the hook and her reactions along with Draven’s banter created comic genius.

FreakShow Deluxe returns to the Hollywood Fringe after winning the Best Cabaret/Circus. The show strives for family friendly but it still is people doing bodily harm to themselves as well as the expected innuendo and banter a sideshow would have.

FreakShow Deluxe plays Monday June 20 at 6 pm, Thursday June 23 at 10:30 pm, Friday June 24 at 6:30 pm and 11:59 pm

Discount tickets offered for Hollywood Fringe Festival

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Get a discounted ticket to your FreakShow Deluxe’s shows at the HOLLYWOOD FRINGE FESTIVAL!

Tickets, normally $12 – can be yours for ONLY $8!!

Just use the codeword: freaks
when you pre-purchase your tickets at:

Dirty Little Secrets Show features FreakShow Deluxe

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Flyer for the May 11, 2011 Show

FreakShow Deluxe wants to personally invite you to the DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS SANITARIUM show at Wiley’s Comedy Club in Dayton, Ohio, tomorrow (Wednesday, May 11) at 8:00pm. Doors open at 7:30. The cover is only $10 – and it will be a helluva show and we want to see you there.
Not only will you see hosts Baron Von Porkchop & A. Ghastlee Ghoul with comedy and hijinks, plus world-renowned comic UNCLE DOW THOMAS, but you will also see Dayton’s improv team ANGRY BACON and the “Lucha Rock-n-Roll” band TEAM VOID. Don’t forget the lovely PIN-UP GIRLS, too!
From FreakShow Deluxe (Hollywood’s own & ONLY carnival-style sideshow), the world’s youngest professional illusionist, KALEB KANE, will be doing table-side illusion before the show (so come early) AND performing a death-defying escape attempt during the show as well. It must be seen to be believed!
Also, your REVEREND TOMMY GUNN, will be attempting some never-before-seen mentalist and hypnotism acts — and this is one of the VERY FEW times he has performed in the Dayton area since 2004. So definitely something special!
When you arrive, be sure to tell them your Reverend Tommy Gunn sent you! Then let’s hang out after the show and have a few drinks. Looking forward to seeing you there!!