About FreakShow Deluxe

The FreakShow Deluxe is best described as a carnival-style sideshow based in Hollywood, California. Originally formed in 2001 by Rev. Tommy Gunn in Dayton, Ohio — with a reboot in 2004/2005 when he moved the troupe to Hollywood — FSD will celebrate 10 years (in October 2010) of becoming what many consider the foremost performing company of its kind.

FreakShow Deluxe has moved far beyond its original comedy-stunt show format with a small handful of stunts to now offering more than seven (7) different shows featuring over 40 different individual acts available. From the classic 10-in-1 (10 acts in 1 half-hour show) to its own full-length musical, Flawedville (featuring 13 original songs), the troupe has performed shows everywhere from Coney Island’s Sideshow by the Seashore in New York City, to the exclusive Magic Castle, a private club for illusionists in Hollywood, California, plus every place in between! From corporate clients like Camel Cigarettes, to helping the rock group Korn kick off its “Family Values Tour;” from private parties to public clubs, theaters to nightclubs and bars, national amusement parks to high-dollar fund-raising events, there is nothing FreakShow Deluxe cannot do!

FreakShow Deluxe, LLC
4647 Kingswell Ave., Suite #137
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 270-2518


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