Review of FreakShow Deluxe at the HOLLYWOOD FRINGE FESTIVAL

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FreakShow Deluxe at Fringe Central-Mainstage-ArtWorks Theatre

by Erin Scott ~

It's Jonny Panic!

Jonny Panic from FreakShow Deluxe

Everything FreakShow Deluxe does is “Real—Real stupid” and so opens this modern carnival sideshow with Amy Amnesia performing the human wood block. This act consists of using a nail and hammer, building on this premise, she goes on to shove a screw driver up the other nostril. So the audience would see “new” freak show tricks as well as old school, Amy Amnesia pulled out a power drill and threw that back a nostril as well. This reminded me of the time I stapled my finger with an airgun and had 100 pounds per square inch behind it. There was a quarter inch piece of wood in between my finger and the staple but it made me want to never have that happen again, where as many of these performers may have had something like that happen and they continue to perform feats of danger, pain, and mystery.

Be ready for sword swallowing, contortion, fan dancing and strip tease. There was a straightjacket contest between Ghoulia and Jonny Panic and the duo returned to display feats of pain and pleasure with a bed of nails.

Most enjoyable was William Draven’s act of swallowing and procuring dental floss. Although a small audience, where audience participation is key, the ladies chosen to come out of the audience represented the gamut of thrill seekers. With Draven’s act he chose a young girl thinking she was off the hook and her reactions along with Draven’s banter created comic genius.

FreakShow Deluxe returns to the Hollywood Fringe after winning the Best Cabaret/Circus. The show strives for family friendly but it still is people doing bodily harm to themselves as well as the expected innuendo and banter a sideshow would have.

FreakShow Deluxe plays Monday June 20 at 6 pm, Thursday June 23 at 10:30 pm, Friday June 24 at 6:30 pm and 11:59 pm


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