How Did the Dr. Creep Benefit Go?

Phil, the Reverend & Jonny together at the Dr. Creep Benefit on January 28, 2011. (photo by Melissa)

A lot of folks have been asking: How did things go at the Dr. Creep Benefit? How much money was raised? And how was this “reunion” show?

Well – the Benefit was, in our opinion, a huge success! Put together in only 10 days by Matt Freeman (DJ from VEX), Kelly Walker, Mike Foy & Foy’s Halloween Stores in Fairborn, OH) some great local artists and people who donated items to the Silent Auction (too many to list here), and a performance by FreakShow Deluxe – the crowd packed the club, and the event raised $1,376!!!

As far as the “reunion” – it featured Reverend Tommy Gunn, Jonny Bailout and Phil, who have not performed together on the same stage since 2004. Granted your Reverend and Johnny have done shows together as recently as 2009, and Johnny and Phil were last onstage together in 2008 – but to get all THREE onstage together was quite an accomplishment!

The boys (greatly assisted by Miss Malice Aforethought and our boy Friday, Kyle Thirteen) rocked almost like they have never been apart. The Reverend chewed apart an entire grinder wheel, then did Blockhead. Phil put his face in glass while an audience member stood on him – then Jonny let us try to cut his head off with a scimitar. Phil risked the bed of blades as we smashed concrete blocks on him, the Reverend ate some fire, and then Johnny wrapped it up laying on the bed of nails while audience members stood on him. And the crowd loved EVERY moment of it!

A couple people wondered where FreakShow Deluxe‘s original fourth horseman, The Wolf, was. Well – he did call up Reverend Tommy Gunn a few hours before the event to wish everyone the best, but it turns out he has moved elsewhere and has his own things going on. We wish him the best of luck!

You can still help Dr. Creep and his family!!

Donations can be made by cash or check to: Memorial Account for Barry Hobart/Dr. Creep (account #4240363896) and deposited at any PNC Branch Location
or to: The Barry Hobart/Dr. Creep Memorial Fund, P.O. Box 186 Franklin, Ohio 45005
Contributions are tax deductible.
Thank you so much, everyone, for all your support!! Perhaps more FSD reunions in the future…?

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