Tila Tequila and the Juggalos

On TMZ.com – they have been going on and on about the alleged “attack” on Tila Tequila by fans of Insane Clown Posse (‘Juggalos’) at the 11th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos at Cave-In-Rock, IL over the weekend. On the posted video of Tequila alleged “performance” on the site – well… it just didn’t look that bad.

FreakShow Deluxe‘s Reverend Tommy Gunn posted the following comment (#176 at http://www.tmz.com/2010/08/15/tila-tequila-attack-juggalos-video-performance/):

Hollywood’s own FreakShow Deluxe has performed at a couple ICP events, unscathed. Before performing at last year’s Gathering of the Juggalo’s we were told to expect things to be thrown at us – plastic bottles if they liked us, glass & worse if they did not – and that the promoters purposely provide the Juggalos with acts to heckle during their events. ICP fans know what they like – and aren’t shy about showing you they don’t like you.

FreakShow Deluxe won over a lot of Juggalos by taking our stage without fear – even when being pelted with stuff – we just took the show up another notch. No bodyguards or security required. ICP fans are not the roughest audiences we’ve ever had. If Tequila can’t handle them – she has not business on ANY stage. Or on TMZ.

There was also this tweet, over FreakShow Deluxe‘s Twitter account:

#Juggalos attack #TilaTequila because #JuggaloGathering did not deliver #FreakShowDeluxe as originally promised? Could be true!!

Additionally, there were posts to Facebook by Reverend Tommy Gunn, Hannah Bel and other FreakShow Deluxe members — so one might wonder WHY FSD seems to be supporting the Juggalos and ICP. Some might wonder if this means FSD is supportive of attacks on women. There was even surprise from others that FreakShow Deluxe has/would perform with ICP or at a PsychoPathic Records event.

So let’s set the record straight ~

FreakShow Deluxe does not condone violence. Especially not unwarranted, or  violence for violence’s sake. And ESPECIALLY not violence to women. But FSD understands that it happens. Oh yes we do…

But the fact of the matter is that for the Gathering of the Juggalos and other similare ICP-related events, the promoters are told to find acts for the Juggalos to HECKLE as well as cheer on. It is no secret – just look at the list of performers for any Juggalo event, and you can see it.

When FreakShow Deluxe hit the stage at the 10th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos, we were told to expect things to be thrown at us – and what’s more, we were told that if they were throwing plastic bottles at us, it probably meant that they actually liked us (“comedian” Pauly Shore had been hit in the head with a Heineken keg can the night before and had immediately left the stage and venue, fearing for his life). FSD‘s big concern was that things would come flying at the stage during the more dangerous acts, possibly injuring one of us.

But did we fear to go on stage? We did NOT.

Because FreakShow Deluxe has the stones to step out on any stage, anywhere, in front of any audience – and fearlessly face what happens – because we KNOW that our show is entertaining, our performers engaging, and that the connection we make with our audience is fun for both them AND us! We have the versatility to adapt to any situation… even mid-show. AND we have the knowledge of performing – the “chops,” if you will… the kind that only come from years of hard work and onstage experience — and the crowd can smell it.

And Tila Tequila does not.

And the crowd can smell her fear.

Never, EVER forget that being famous, or even being a celebrity, means that people like you! Plenty of hated people are famous. Just because you are a celebrity does NOT mean you have any talent, either!

So don’t sue ICP or Psychopathic Records, Tila, just cause you can’t hang. Maybe the promoter, sure (he is a f*cker, as far as FSD is concerned – pulling us off the bill at the last moment – yes, FSD had been scheduled to appear at the Gathering for months… we had even confirmed it with ICP and the other Psychopathic Records folks when we did that show in Philly with them months earlier – but the promoter f*cked up). But, really, why don’t you wake up and just give it up?


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  1. Jolly good post, sir. Jolly good.


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