FreakShow Deluxe Wins Award!!

It’s true! FreakShow Deluxe won BEST CABARET/CIRCUS at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Two nights of oversold shows and TOTAL mayhem!!

Performances included the Hollywood debut of the world’s youngest performer of the Bed of Nails act, the Green Monster!

Then there was the Reverend Tommy Gunn, the Professor, Malice Aforethought, Kitty Karloff, Vincent Wolf, Eerie De Scent, Frankie Fairlane, Johnny Panic, Amy Amnesia, Zachary Strange, music by Brother Daniel the Demented and an appearance by FSD’s new prospect, Brian.

Many thanks to all our friends and fans (old & new) who came out to share some good times with us! Check out this review the show got:


by jacquetta szathmari · June 26, 2010

I was thrilled after a long day to be entertained by this self proclaimed troupe of Freaks. Helmed by a masters of showmanship/ceremonies Rev Tommy Gunn and The Prof. with musical accompaniment, this is some old school sideshow schtick and not for the faint of heart. I spent one third of the show with one hand covering my eyes and the other covering my mouth because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing from the front row. There’s walking on glass, human blockhead action, sword swallowing, suspension, straight jacket escapes, impaling, bead of nails, fire eating, sexy broads… And they get right to it, none of this pussy footing around. The audience was riled up from the start when we got showered with sparks to the end when we got to staple cold hard cash to Rev Gunn. The show in a word—rocked. The most entertaining thing I have seen in a long time. I left feeling as if I should have paid more for the privilege.

Needless to say, I INVENTED SIDESHOW is turning out to be a helluva tour!

(both pictures are by Star Foreman – and were featured in on the LA Weekly web site)


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