The Carnival Sideshow Psalm

Carnival Sideshow Psalm
by Reverend Tommy Gunn: FreakShow Deluxe

The Road is my shepherd; I shall not stop.

It maketh me to pull into random truck stops:
It leadeth me to liquor-drenched bars.

It robbeth me of my soul: it leadeth me down the
paths of debauchery for its own name’s sake.

Yeah, though I travel through the shadow of
Death Valley; I fear nothing: for I am the
baddest motherf*cker there; my sword and my torch
they comfort me.

It preparest a stage before me in the
presence of rowdy audiences: they staple
my forehead with $20 bills; my blood overflows.

Surely red dates and mayhem shall follow me all
the days of my life;  and I will dwell on the
road for ever.

Written & Published by Rev. Tommy Gunn of FreakShow Deluxe, LLC. Please feel free to repost – but link back to this blog, or to


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