A Spate of Interesting Events Plagues FSD in 2009

So, your FreakShow Deluxe had a very busy year in 2009!

The troupe broke new ground with the types of audiences we performed for – from historical events to fairs & festivals to biker rallies to adult nightclubs – to the Gathering of the Juggalos! – and made friend and fans every place we went.

We also visited plenty of places we have been before: Hollywood’s Magic Castle, New York’s Coney Island – plus an assortment of new & repeating corporate events, amusement parks, bars and nightclubs. And we continued to find more popularity than ever before.

If that was not enough – FSD also embarked on a 9-week U.S. tour: The Sideshow Stimulus Tour (A bailout from your entertainment woes!). The troupe actually had to get a bus to make it all happen, but it was a great success! Already, plans are in place for the next tour.

During this tour, FSD also had to break out of its shell a bit – to keep up with demand during the busy Halloween season, FreakShow Deluxe had FOUR (4) troupes out on the road simultaneously. It was amazing AND a testament to how great the members of this troupe are.

Then FSD added some new touches: We developed a new FSD logo, based on a logo created by artist Alexis Williamson for the pitch cards she did of the troupe. The new logo took some work, but it really helps us to cross over from our “morbid, Halloween-based” kind of idea into encompassing our more “Dark Carnival” image we have been cultivating. It seems to make us more suitable for a wider range of audiences.

We now have classic-styled hand-painted canvas banners, 8 of them to be exact (9’x12′ each) – then 8 cool computer-printed vinyl banners (4’x8′ each) that compliment them. We also got a new 9’x12′ hand-painted banner with our new logo (we already have a vinyl one with the original logo). Troupe members picked up all kinds of new props, too – from new beds of nails, to new ladders of machetes, pavilion tents and lots more. It is pretty impressive!

One of the things FreakShow Deluxe has been working on for several years is a sort of restructuring and formalizing of its internal structure. As FSD is not the average type of company, the decision was made not to use the average business model. Instead, FSD is structured like… well… basically, like an outlaw motorcycle club (no specific one). Basic officers structure, core members, associate members and hangers-ons…

And there is another reason for this —

Troupe founder and President, Reverend Tommy Gunn, in a series of conversations with another sideshow-type troupe leaders (and individual performers) over the last couple of years keeps hearing the same refrain: Sideshow is THIS (fill in the blank with a pre-conceived notion), it needs to be run like THIS (fill in another blank with simplistic structural idea), FSD cannot be any other way and nothing else will work. Almost every (99% of) sideshow troupes run like THIS (see above). Who do you think you are rocking the boat?

So the decision was made that FreakShow Deluxe will just be that 1% – as opposed to the other 99% – that will do it differently – and make it successful. It may be that FSD is breaking new ground with what it is attempting to accomplish – it may not. But this company will continue to move forward… and will not make any apologies to anyone for it. Expect to see a reflection of that in what the troupe does in this upcoming year.

And speaking of upcoming years – this year begins the TENTH ANNIVERSARY of your FreakShow Deluxe! We are working on dates for a new U.S. tour – and possibly abroad if we can make it work. Expect to see a lot of new things from your FSD in 2010. Looking forward to seeing you soon!!


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