Hello world!

The first FreakShow Deluxe Blog!

So FreakShow Deluxe just finished up a 70-day, multiple city, 17-date, simultaneous casts tour of these United States — the Sideshow Stimulus Tour! While it was a lot of fun (to be recapped here in one way or another over some time — along with other history of the troupe), we are about to embark on some NEW plans and get some old ideas back up on the drawing board.

You can easily find out a lot of what you want about your FSD on the show’s website – including troupe members, acts available, and much, much more. However, this blog will serve as an additional resource to find out more about the overall company as well as individual troupe members.

Since 2001, FSD has strived to present the best in classic carnival-styled sideshow acts in a professional theatrical way. Something above and beyond what the average person would consider a “sideshow” or “freakshow” –  And, for nine (9) seasons, that is exactly what FSD has done! From the humble beginnings of two (2) guys and a handful of stunts busking the queue of the PsychoPath Haunted Trail in Xenia, Ohio – to no less than four (4) separate casts/shows out on the road this Halloween season, playing places from Coney Island, New York City; to the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA; to the Delta Fair & Music Festival in Memphis, TN; to the Kings Dominion Halloween Haunt in Doswell, VA; from Iowa to Ohio and beyond…FSD now boasts more than 40 cast members and over 40 stunts available!! And that includes the time in 2004/2005 we now refer to as The FSD Reboot.

So now, with 2010 coming up quickly, it is obvious that FreakShow Deluxe needs to do something big. A big tour? The planned relaunch of the musical Flawedville? Something more…?


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